Sunday, 10 June 2007

Turin and the Golden Dragon - Beginning Revised

Did some revision on opening translation thanks to the great comments from Matt - also launched me into an exploration of how to form the superlative in Sindarin which thanks to some great web resources led me back to one of the professor's own letters which clearly states "_an_ superlative or intensfying prefix (as in _Ancalima_exceedlingly bright Letter of JRRT page 278). So with this great help here is a revised translation of the first part of the poem - Turin and the Golden Dragon (HME vol 3 page 5)

Turin ion Hurin a Glorund i amlug

Ai! I amlug vallen en-Balan udun
i fuin on-eryn ardhon si pellen
in naeth Edain a nir in Edhil
thinniel hethu dad vaid glad
si naro a i eneth annid
en-Niniel naer a i eneth annur
en-Durin ion Thalion orthornen
Nae! Hurin Thalion vi i chyth auth orthornen
ir in gwaith fainchemmin en-Edhelrim
noner horn pain an ngurth na i dhelu naer en-Vorgoth
Parth dan esta aen na i'waith esta Nirnaeth Arnediad

Ennas i chin edain hador a hadron (1)
dregennir u-vaethanner dan in gwaith
en-Edhelrim na u-gerth gwerianner

(1) - great alliteration - but not Sindarin - needs work

need to work on "save that true man only Thalion Erithamrod and his thane like gods"

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