Sunday, 10 June 2007

Turin and Glorund the Dragon Continued

Some more work on this and I think came up with a solution to "chieften and warriors"

Here is the poem from line 14 of the Turin poem - HME vol 3 - page 5

There the children of men, chieftan and warrior
fled and faught not, but the folk of the Elves
they betrayed with treason save that true man only
Thalion Erithamrod and his thanes renowned (1)

Ennas i chin edain, erain a maethor,
dregennir u-vaethanner dan in gwaith en-Edhelrim
na ugerth gwerianner
u-dhan to adan thalion - Erithamrod
a maethor din beren

(1) - I am using the line from the second version of the Turin lay on page (p115 line 30) to replace "his thane like gods" until I can figure out how to translate "thane-like"

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