Thursday, 14 June 2007

Turin and the Dragon Continued

Took a couple of days to catch up on some excellent guides on the web about Sindarin. These are must reads for anyone who is crazy (ok passionate) enough to attempt trying to get into Tolkien's thought process and development of these art languages. Special thanks to Thorsten Renk's work on the Sindarin verb and the Rogues Guide to Sindarin Word Reconstruction. Also found a great online community on the web which has developed a wiki for Tolkien languages (I will be posting my work to this site as well to get comments)

Now moving forward with the translation of "Turin and Glorund the Dragon" with a new sense of purpose.

Here is the refined first 15 lines or so

Turin ion Hurin a Glorund i amlug
Alae! I amlug vallen e-Balan udun
i vaur en-eryn ardhon si pellen
i naeth Edain a nir in Edhil
thinniel hethu dad vaid glad
si naro ah i eneth annid
Niniel naer ah i eneth annur
Turin ion Thalion orthornen na amarth.
Nae! Hurin Thalion vi i hyth en auth orthornen
ir in gwaith fainhemmin in Edhelrim
gwathannen pain an gurth na dhelos uanui Delu-Morgoth
Parth dan esta Nirnaeth Arnediad estar aen na'waith
Ennas i chin in edain, erain a maethor, dregenner
u-vaethanner dan hain gwerianner na ugerth gwaith in Edhelrim
unan adan Thalion-Erithamrod
a conin din beren

(History of Middle Earth - Vol 3 page 5)

the line "were ruined" is rendered by the verb _gwatho_(Root WAH) - to stain or soil - closest I can find so far!

Next time - Hurin in the clutches of the that JR Ewing of the first age - Morgoth!

Well, time to watch the next intallment of the Cardiff singer of the world contest. I'll do more later with the current craze of Big Brother - wonder what a Big Brother would look like in Middle Earth (Day 3 - Gandalf and the Elrond are out in the garden while Treebeard has been in the diary room for 5 hours! Gollum is in the pool looking for something and the Witch King is still in bed!).


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