Sunday, 17 June 2007

Being a Translator - I feel like Aelfric!

A rather productive weekend with some more work done on Finish, Old English and the translation of my Sindarin project Turin and Glorund the Dragon - more of that down below. I'm starting to feel like the 10th century monk Aelfric who in his preface to his translation "of Lydene" to "Englisc" descrbes what it is like translating something from one language to another and the fustration of trying to keep to the spirit of the work - it certainly got to Aelfric who at the end of the preface says

"Ic cwethe nu thaet ic ne dearr ne ic nelle nane boc after thisse of Ledene on Englisc awenden,"

Well on to Turin and the next lines of the poem - starting at line 18

Ennas in orc-hoth, in roeg in emyn, orthorir
den anethen vi nagor goeol ornanassen na Vauglir
gwenner den cuin
ah achatanner i anthalion in conin edain

There in host on host the hell fiend orcs
overbore him at lsst in that batt;e terrible
by the bidding of Bauglir
bound him living
and pulled dowen the proudest of the princes of men

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