Thursday, 28 June 2007

Turin amd the Dragon - Lines 35-40

This will probably be the last post for a week as I will be taking the first part of my holiday to North Wales (The Grey Havens) probably with the History of the Hobbit vol 2 to read on the beach (or the floods based on what is currently happening in the UK).

An Turgon minol idh na ruith'oeol
ristant bad dane na chathel gael din
o ndakro
Elo sadh din lim tri hoth en-Udun
be thar ai dhanna pan dofn bo nand
vi ngardh bada hathel ann I aran hen gwaith aronoded
tunc dri lhedin mor ah emyn dofn
ed ist in guid dhin u-deli ned varn hae

For Turgon towering in terrible anger clove a pathway for himself with his pale sweet blade out of the slaughter Yes his swath was plain through the hosts of hell - like hay that lies all low on the lea where the long scythe goes. A countless company that king did lead through the darkened dales and drear mountains out of the ken of his foes and he comes no more into this tale.

Dw'i mynd wrth Nghymraeg!!!

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