Saturday, 23 June 2007

Turin and Glorund the Dragon (lines 18-30)

Just received the new issue of Vinyar Tengwar which includes some late 1960's work Tolkien did on the verb to be. Will report on in future posting. Here's a picture of Charlie - the warg that only licked!

Finally had a chance to return to my work on translating Tolkien's epic poem The Lay of Turin found in History of Middle Earth vol 3 into Classical Sindarin. Here are lines 18-30:

Ennas in orc-hoth, idh roeg emyn,
den na vedui vi nagor gaeol horthanner
na Vauglir gwenner dan cuin
dravant da i chir orthalia i chonin edain

Na rynd Bauglir vi emyn cernin
na Angband in ngethryd dholin
hain tyngir i gallon Dor Hithlum
Thalion Erithamrod, na cheron arn cyn din
dostol na dheloth haer vi gur in
na rhuith prestannen
ai i dur en-auth u-danc dad
Turgon, ion Finweg, pae adaer en-aran,
u-dhan i chin Feanor
in tain in miryn angul ah uireb

There in host on host the hill fiend Orcs
overbore him at last in the battle terrible
by the bidding of Bauglir bound him living
and pulled down the proudest of the princes of Men.
To Bauglir's halls in the hills builded
to the Hells of Iron and the hidden caverns
they haled the hero of Hitlum's land
Thalion Erithamrod, to their throned lord
whose breast was burst with a bitter hatred
and wroth he was that the wrack of war had not taken
Turgon ten times a king even Finweg's heir nor Feanor's children
makers of the magic and immortal gems.

(History of Middle Earth by J.R.R. Tolkien vol3 pages 5-6)

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