Sunday, 8 July 2007

Back from Wales - Tolkien in Welsh

Just returned from a very restful albeit (oedd hi'n bwrw glaw!!) week in North Wales. Stayed in a wonderful bed and breakfast in Talsarnau (right near one of the best castles in Wales - Harlech (visions of Branwen and Bendigrefian in my head as I looked out from the high battled walls). I was amazed to find that in the many Welsh bookstores I visited (and as I am learning to read Welsh there were many) - I found to my surprise that there is no existing translation of any of the works of Tolkien. I did manage to find an translation of CS Lewis third Narnia book - Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Mordaith Y Sioned Ann) translated by Edmund T Owen and there is the first Harry Potter novel - but no Tolkien!! Seems odd especially since one of Tolkien's major languages - Sindarin and its related predecessors - are based heavily on Welsh.

Wonder if there is anyone out there work on translating Tolkien's works into Welsh or perhaps given a bit more time I may start some work on this.

Sad news on the opera front last week with the passing of two greats - Regine Crespin and dear Beverly (Bubbles) Sills - one of the best bel-canto singers ever (her Three Queens will not be surpassed) and someone I was very lucky to actually work with a bit at the start of my career in the arts. She will be missed.

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