Saturday, 8 January 2011

"Where Even Now the Peacocks Pace a Stately Drill"

Another small snippet from the exploration of the first chapter of Tolkien's The Book of Lost Tales One, The Cottage of Lost Play. In this Chapter Christopher Tolkien includes various versions of his father's poem Kortirion among the Trees. All three versions include the line

"Where even now the peacocks pace a stately drill"

As we learn in this chapter in the original version of Lost Tales The seafarer Eriol comes from the ancestral home of the English to the lonely island which is England. Where he hears the story of the fairies and elves is Kortirion which will later become Warwick (Lost Tales I, p.25).

Well I was in Warwick last year and took this picture - I guess the peacocks persist although not sure if it is pacing a stately drill!!!

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