Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Tolkien Professor

Over the course of the last week I have been listening to a wonderful new IPOD lecture series called The Tolkien Professor. Its the work of Corey Olsen Professor of Medieval Lit and an English PhD. Professor Olsen has started his series with several lectures on The Hobbit and then he is gong to go into Lord of the Rings and hopefully the other parts of the histories. He is also offering a Q&A discussion group on Tolkien items. In his first edition of this special discussion there is some really good insights into the three age old question of whether Balrogs have wings and who exactly is Tom Bombadil? These are really worth a listen.

Looks like Tolkien Studies Vol 6 is on the Horizon.


Jason Fisher said...

Isn't that two age-old questions? What was the third? By the way, I've met Corey. Very nice guy, and he knows his stuff. As to Tolkien Studies, definitely closer than the horizon now. I got my copy a few days ago (as I wrote on my blog).

Matt Seaborn said...

Superb! Am subscribing to that one!

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