Sunday, 6 April 2008

Staying Fit the Middle Earth Way!!!

Well if you surf the net long enough you do tend to see everything - and now some very enterprising folks have combined their love of Tolkien and Lord of the Rings with the activity de jour of getting fit - and come up with The Eowyn Challenge. That's right you can now combine the exercise we are all being urged to do (get of the couch, close that book and getting walking, running, etc) - and combine the time you are spending exercising with the activity of walking the various routes of Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (Bag End to Rivendell, Lothlorien to The Falls of Rauros, etc). Once you log in you are given a dedicated page where you enter the amount of exercise you do each day and when this is entered it correlates to the amount of miles Frodo and co. walked that day in the given journey. The web site has lots of great reference material including heavy use of Karen Wynn Fonstad Atlas of Middle Earth (a well thumbed copy of which I own). The site also links you to other walkers on the specific journey so you can share thoughts, observations, stories, etc. So I guess if I get off my couch (once it stops snowing in London as it is today!) and walk to say Oxford I should be close to Bree and the Prancing Pony (are the hoodies the Nazgul need to watch out for them). What a great way to combine getting fit with journeying through Middle Earth. "Roads go ever on and on" and for me that would be the M1!!!

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