Tuesday, 25 March 2008

My Name is Andy and I am a Book-a-holic!

I can just see the scene - a cold night - rainy - a dark church - you go down the stairs - theres a room nicely lit, a table with some cookies and coffee (and tea) - several posters on the wall and a group of people in that circle. I walk in, sit down and say - "I'm Andy and I'm a book-aholic."

And then I wake up! Ok some maybe I am - I have of late been building up quite a pile of books and found myself just wandering into bookshops (in London where there are many!) and just purchasing 2-3 books at a time (not to mention Amazon where everything is just a click away) - I mean just look at the the pile I have set myself for the coming month!

War and Peace -- new translation (in 500 pages already)
The Hideous Strength - last part of C.S. Lewis Cosmic triliogy
The String of Pearls
All of the Father Brown's Mysteries by G.K. Chesterton
War in Heaven - Charles Williams
Notes from Nowhere - Morris
Lord of the Rings and the Western Tradition
There be Dragons
Chretian De Troyes Arthurian Romances (Oh and I am learning Old French to read these)
Company of Liars
The Looming Tower
The Fifth Elephant
V The New Invasion (not the Pynchon the TV series)

And then there is how many books to read at one time. Recently I was doing two - one for home (heavy) one for transport - then I thought - perhaps one for the weekends!! So I have made a pact that I will not purchase any new books toI get through this list (and blog about them) and I am taking this one day at a time - I just hope there aren't any new Tolkien books around the corner!!!

Oh well, there are worse vices to have - I guess!

Off to do some reading!

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Jason Fisher said...

I just hope there aren't any new Tolkien books around the corner!!!

Did you see my latest post? ;)

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