Sunday, 15 July 2007

Turin and the Dragon - Lines 39-44 and another Tolkien language

Some time this weekend to resume work on the Sindarin translation of Turin and the Dragon - here are lines 39-44 -

Dan dur din aun Morgoth Bauglir
in na ruith um gwennen
Ethir din, hur um egor galu en golu din
u-aunant siniath en gardh
in gwaith en Golodhrim bant

but the triumph he turned to doubt
of Morgoth the evil whom mad wrath took
Nor spies sped him, nor spirits of evil,
nor his wealth of wisdom to win him tidings
whither the nation of the Gnomes was gone.

*u-sint: based on the verb _ista_ (know) and the _u_ not. I found a gloss on a German Sindarin site for the word _zweifel_ which is _trass_ but can not find any source for it (yet) in Tolkien.

Just when you thought you have read about all of the languages Tolkien developed comes a new one (for me) - and that is Mago/Magol which is mentioned in the notes to book two of The History of the Hobbit (excellent book). Mago/Magol was developed by Tolkien based on, according to the ELF panel, Hungarian. At one time he intended to have the orcs speak it but decided not to. ELF promises that his grammar and notes for Mago/Magol will be published in the future. In a great email Patrick Wayne sent in response on the Labengolmor list (#1012) he said the language would have the sound of Elves who lived in Budapest!! Should be interesting - but first Taliska (I hope)...over and out.

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