Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Turin son of Hurin and the Golden Dragon

Tolkien's Lay of Turin Continued (HME 3 page 5)

There the children of Men, cheiften and warriors fled and faught not
but the folk of the Elves they betrayed with treason
save that true man only Thalion Erithamrod and his thane like gods

Ennas in chin edain hador a hadron
[drogannir] u-vaethanner dan in gwaith
o Edhelrim na u-gerth gweriannor
[u-dhan] Thalion Erithamrod
ah in Ernilren Belain

1) need to check on the third person pl past form
2) but not translated as u-dhan - complete conjecture

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Perchbod said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the stage version of LOTR at Drury Lane. However, might I point out that it was Malcom Storry that you saw playing Gandalf and not, as you wrote, Andrew Jarvis. Jarvis plays Elrond and, although understudy to Gandalf, did not play the part until August.

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