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Nysianer Chronicles

I have decided to start blogging about my development of some con langs based on the threads of a very old secret vice. This has to do with my work on the old Nysianer Chronicles - these postings will start out being disjointed but will become more organized as I develop them. A treatise on Old Crytoni is also in the works.

Nysianer Chronicles

And Nysianer rejoiced in their finding....after a long journey from an unknown land through many generations of forgotten time they come to a new land - the 50th generation of a race who does not remember its past, culture, and languages, now only distant echoes in a wandering people who have journeyed many generations to a new land,

What is remembered is only snatches of song and legend - strange names and events that due to constant wandering and odyssey have now lost their context. Who were the Crytoni and why was his sword Amaderfig so important. The daily labor of existence, surviving the elements, hunting, finding food, protecting the family took the place of worshiping gods and keeping alive the legends of their cultures. Were they one culture or many that came together? All that mattered was motion forwards and the constant quest for the place to stop and build a new life and culture. If any words survived it was Nus-int! people forward.

Nus - people, culture. Nysian The People (first vowel becomes y in def article + ian) Nom pl Nysianer

Nus - people culture. Nysian - the people (pronounce nee-sea-an)
Nuser - peoples Nysianer - the peoples (nee-sea-an-er)
Nusib - of people Nysibianer - of the people (nee-sib-an-er)
Nusic - to for by Nysicianer - to for by the (catch all case that has been amalgamated on wandering)
Nusiber - of peoples. Nysibianeer - of the peoples
Nusicar - to for by peoples. Nysicianeer - to for by peoples

Kerr - mountain Kyrrian
Kerrer Kyrrianer
Kerrib Kyrribianer
Kerric Kyrricianer
Kerriber Kyrribianeer
Kerricar Kyrricianeer

Y should be pronounced like e in leak

So for cons endings

Nom S indef - root
Nom S def - 1st vowel changes to y + ian
Nom P indef - root + er
Nom P def - 1st vowel to y

Int - imperative of to go

Old Crytoni - echo of a past language should have an archaic feel - perhaps a proto IndoEuropean feel???

Limdyrs ?? People they encounter

What was the language the Nysians spoke on their journey - track back to the language of Old Crytoni and then what happened to it in the 50th generation of journey to the new world,

In 50 generations a language would break down - structure wold become simplified, endings cut off, words simplified, vocab around environment, words spring up around wandering - the older language would remain in writings.

The Book of Nak-Hysian - an ancient book of lore written in Old Crytoni which remains on the journey but is burned and damaged and can only by read by the sect of the Godifet who study the ancient text and try to keep knowledge of the older language in the culture - but is seen as outof date and ignored,

The gap in the Valley - for the last 15 years the Nysian have been journeying through a vast valley with sheers mountain walls on either side with no end

prelim Nysian vocab

Mountain - kerr
Valley - vakerr (va below / kerr)
Leader - dyc
People - nus
food - befus
Fire - usid
Day - usidej
Night - tyusidej (ty - not)
Death tynus
Old - usidint
Young tyusidint
Walk go on - intydoc

To go ejintydoc (edge-int-ee-doc)
To lead - ejdyc
To die ejtynus
To eat ejbefus
To grow old ejusidint
To walk intydoc

Present Tense

Rintydoc - I walk
Reintydoc - you walk
Rointydoc - he she it walks
Raintydoc - we walk
Resintydoc - you pl walk
Ronintydoc - they walk

But in a sentence the rstem indicating present tense comes at the end of the sentence so

The Nus are walking in the valley

Intydoc valkyrricianer Nysian-ron.

Intydoc valkyrricianeer Nysian-ron.

The Leader leads the people

Ejdyc nysian dycian-ro


VA below
TY not, negation
INT towards

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