Sunday, 8 March 2009

Been Twittering for 2 Weeks

Ok, so I am hooked. I've joined that growing group of Twitters including Stephen Fry, President Obama, Katherine Jenkins, Elijah Wood, Number 10, Jonathan Ross and as of this Monday - Her Majesty the Queen (our Corgi Charlie is especitally excited about this!).

Twitter is an interesting experiment in trying to boil down what you are doing into 140 characters and then read what others are doing with their 140 characters - our UK Twitter Lord is Stephen Fry and also Jonathan Ross. There was recently a great piece on the excellent John Stewart show in the States about Twittering


So if you are into this type of thing be sure to follow the link on my site and visit Wotan on Twitter - think I will hold off on Grunter and Stalker!!

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