Sunday, 7 December 2008

It's Beginning To Look at Lot Like Christmas!!!

Credit crunch be damned!! - Wotan (in the Father Christmas Hat) and his partner David (and Corgi and cat out of picture) are intent on enjoying this Christmas. This weekend turned a lovely tree from Scotland into a massive Christmas Tree which sits in Haus Pooksnig (no sword growing through it though).

What would Treebeard have said about the pagan practice of Christmas Trees??? Perhaps this is where the Entwives went to and now we dress the up with tinsle and ornaments!!!
Also, half way through JK's latest offering - Tales of Beedle the Bard - which are excellently crafted fairy tales for wizards and witches with commentary by Albus himself - wonder if this is the first of several and if JK has a Silmarillion like back story waiting in the wings - I'm sure Bloomsbury would be happy if she did!!!!

Mereth Veren e-Doled Eruion! Garo Idhrinn Eden Veren!!

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