Thursday, 6 March 2008

Short Note - The Masters of Fantasy on BBC4

It's been a busy week for yours truly but last night I did manage to watch a really excellent BBC4 series called The Masters of Fantasy. This episode was especially interesting since it was about Tolkien and Mervyn Peake the author of the Gormenghast books - Tolkien and Peake both created secondary worlds for their imagination to inhabit but came at it in very different ways. The show is on BBC IPlayer for the next six days and worth a view. Got me thinking of reading Peake's work again (read them when I was in my teens) - I'll add it to the growing reading list.

On another note - the passing of Dungeon and Dragons creator Gary Gygax reminded me of the first time me and my friends in Florida purchased the three original books (probably worth a lot on ebay if I had kept them!) and spent a weekend trying to figure out the game - this became almost two years of weekend marathon D&D games - I usually played the Dungeon Master and would start some one off by saying - "You were find in a pile of horse manure with a tag around your neck." Loved playing the subcreator - oh well, great days - and who can forget the deck of many things!

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