Sunday, 28 October 2007

A New Resident of Ambridge

The recent offering by the BBC of the longest running radio serial The Archers on ITunes has delivered it to my IPOD and got me hooked!!! Its like driving into a community that you find off on some side road with people you don't really know but do. So I am getting to know Ed and Falllon, Kenton, Jazzer and the lovely residents of Ambridge and Borchester. It is very interesting how the show is structured - what seems like a very normal run of the mill day suddenly is hit with car crashes, drug addiction, rape, etc - just goes to show what lurks behind those quiet English Country villages.

Just finished Sophia McDougall's Romanitas - which is an excellent thriller set in to the present day but based on the premise that thanks to the work of one rather minor Roman emperor - Pertinax - the Roman Empire survives in to the present day - looking forward to reading the sequel Roman Burning.

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