Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Happy Birthday Die Hielige Johanna!

Soon it will be the birthday of that great melime fairieva* wunschmadchen of the lands of Briarwalt in the county of Tarir - Joan of the panad a te! She is loved and miss by all across the waters - and this is a special blog post wishing her.....

Penblwydd Hapus
Alasse merendenna
Aur onnad meren
quchjaj goSilj

Have a good one Joan - have some flops on us - here's a birthday greetings from beyond for you!

Stay tuned for some Quenya and Aduniac ramblings this weekend!

* attempts to "place" the word mugwump in the Quenya language - a "mugwump" is (according to Ambrose Bierce) a lover of freedom - therefore melme (for CE Root MEL) lover - fairieva (according to HKF's dictionary of Quenya at fairie is an early Qenya word LT: 250 denoting freedom +va gen marker ) - needs work I'm sure.

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