Sunday, 3 June 2007

Classical Sindarin Translation

Currently learning Classical Sindarin - attempting to do a translation of one of Tolkien's early Lays of Beleriand from History of Middle Earth Vol 3 - The Tale of Turin Son of Hurn and Glorund the Dragon - definately a work in process!

Starting trot -

Turin son of Hurin and Glorund the Dragon
Turin ion Hurin a Glorund i thlug

Lo! the golden dragon of the God of Hell
Alae! I thlug vallen en-Balan udun

the gloom of the woods of the world now gone
I fuin in-thaurion ardahon si pellen

the woes of man and weeping of Elves
in naeth edain a nirol in-edhil

fading faintly down forest pathways
firiol [hethu] dad vaid glad

is now to tell and the name most tearful
[nai] si naro a i eneth nid[h]wain

of Niniel the sorrowful and the name most sad
o Niniel naer a i eneth nurwain

of Thalion's son Turin o'erthrown by fate
o Turin ion Thalion orthornen na amarth

From JRR Tolkien The Lays of Beleriand
Copywrite 1985 Tolkien Estate Page 5

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