Friday 31 January 2020

Tolkien Experience Podcast

Eglerio!  I am very pleased and quite honoured to be the third Tolkien scholar interviewed for the brilliant new Tolkien Experience Podcast - which has been one of the excellent projects that has come out of Dr. Luke Shelton's groundbreaking Tolkien Experience Project.

I was very excited to be the third guest after the leading Tolkien scholars Dr. Dimitra Fimi and Janet Brennan Croft and to be interviewed by my fellow Tolkien scholar, colleague, founding member of SODOM and dear friend Dr. Sara Brown.

I really enjoyed talking to Sara about how I got involved with Tolkien (thanks to my Dad!) and my love for Tolkien's languages and the wonderful adventure I am on in my Tolkien study and scholarship.  So looking forward to more of these episodes.

Thanks Luke and Sara for including me in your adventure!

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